Bangkok and Thailand is one of the most famous places for soapy massage therapy. It is by far among the hottest and most erotic experiences that you can expect in any part of the world. This massage therapy simply involves a massage in a bath tub with another girl. The main objective of this kind of massage is to clean every part of your body thoroughly. After the cleansing process, you can actually play any sort of role on the bed as you wish to.

Bangkok soapy massage parlors

Soapy massage parlors are mainly concentrated in the Huay Kwang area. Taxi and MRT’s are always accessible which will take you to this place. However, even though it might sound very interesting and intriguing but it is an endangered business. Not many places have this version of massage therapies available.

But whatever it is, you cannot deny the fact that it is still one of the most erotic massage experiences in Bangkok. Boys, if you are planning for a Bangkok and Thailand trip, then you can definitely try it out. When a customer enters a soapy massage parlour, he has to sit in the reception area. Typically he sips up a few drinks and checks out the ladies in the bar.

Procedures to check

This reception area can be visualized as the place where the main dealings take place. It can either be a place filled with ladies waiting to be picked up. Or it can also be in a way where a thick glass window separates the ladies from the customers. You can point towards them based on the acts you want them to perform. You can also talk with the Papasan, telling them about your needs and requirements. They will then help a dozen girls march in towards you. You can also talk with them as long as you want so that you can make a perfect choice.

Indulging in soapy massage

After your choice of girls is done, you can finally indulge in a soapy massage. But wait! Hold on; there is something else that might also be in store for you. Your masseuse will lead you to the room where you can indulge in oral or proper sex with the already nude masseuse. This is the reason why it is so exotic and famous in the world. After this, you will be covered with soap and sponged, and after this, the girl starts massaging.

Indulge in a soapy massage and know how it feels to be a part of this exciting adventure.